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Thomas Trail

(Yellow Dot)

1 mile between Crystal Falls and Catamount Falls. Add 0.5 mile for hike up from Gazebo Lake to top of Boulder St. Another 1.1 mile to complete loop down Catamount Trail and Hondo Ave.
360' elev. gain between the Falls, drop 260' along Catamount Falls.
Best used: April thru October. The dense forest canopy and northern aspect prevent snow melt and lead to icy conditions in winter.

Thomas Trail

The Thomas Trail is a narrow forest pathway that links Crystal Falls and Catamount Falls. As you hike west, there is an elevation gain of 360' over the 1 mile between the Falls. A shaded, cooler alternative to Mt Dewey and Bratton Trails in the summer months. This trail boasts big scenic impact by accessing both Town waterfalls.

Directions: park near Gazebo Lake. From 4-way stop at east side of Lake walk uphill on Hotel St. which becomes Park Ave. and winds to the left. Take steep right on Boulder St. to Trailhead.

History: Re-discovered by Green Mountain Falls Trails Committee founder Dick Bratton in 1987, this trail was originally blazed by Harold Felton and Lester Griswald in the early 1940s. It took volunteers three years to clear and restore the overgrown trail which was officially re-opened in 1990. Nearly the entire trail spans the 45 acres of land donated to the Town of Green Mountain Falls by Dr. C.Y. Thomas and the trail is named in his honor. In 2009, the GMF Trails Committee constructed a new access trail which greatly improves the viewing points along Crystal Falls.

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