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Pittman Trail

1 mile from Gazebo Lake to GMF Rd. near Town Hall. Add 0.6 for return to Lake
300’ elev gain
Best used: Lake to Art: almost year-round
North face (facing Hwy 24): April to October due to snow on north aspect / forest canopy.

Pittman Trail

This relatively easy hike from the Land Office at Gazebo Lake first crosses Fountain Creek using the Hotel St. bridge. Turn left (west) on El Paso Ave then a quick right uphill to access public restrooms and follow the Turrell Trail to Colorado’s only James Turrell Skyspace built in 2021. The Pittman “Spur” leads hikers from the Turrell art up to the ridge. From there hikers can loop back to the Lake via Pittman Trail or continue down the north face towards Hwy 24 eventually connecting with GMF Road below Town Hall.

Directions: park near Gazebo Lake in GMF.

History: Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation purchased the 30+ acres of Red Mountain in 2018 and offered the land for GMF annexation in 2021. With the annexation, the Town approved the construction of a permanent art installation, Colorado's only James Turrell Skyspace, along with the Pittman Trail and associated connecting paths. The trail is named after former landowner Andy Pittman, who used to ride his horses across the mountain.2022 Accomplishments​​

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