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Mt. Dewey

(Purple Dot)

0.85 mile one way from Myrtle St Trailhead to summit (add 0.5 mile from Gazebo Lake)
570' elev gain
Moderate to Difficult
Best used: Almost year-round.

Mt. Dewey

A relatively short, but steep, hike the climb to Mt Dewey summit offers a rewarding panorama of Ute Pass. Along the way enjoy a stop at the cozy "Spiritual Platform" and reflect upon the views into Belvidere Canyon.

This east and south-facing trail gets plenty of sun exposure. Beyond the Spiritual Platform there is little tree cover, so bring plenty of water and sun protection. For a nice loop, continue west along the 1.7 mile Bratton Trail to connect with Catamount Trail.

Directions: park near Town Pool. Across from Pool briefly head west on Olathe St. before turning right on Ann St. Climb left on Grandview Ave then a steep right on Catamount St. Take the second right onto Myrtle St and proceed down driveway to Mt. Dewey trailhead, following purple dots along the way.

History: Horse trails originally carved up the Mt. Dewey hillside and erosion from the horse gullies can still be seen today. Planned and designed by Dick Bratton following the 2014 land purchase by the Historic Green Mtn Falls Foundation, the trail was laid out by the GMF Trails Committee. It was constructed by dozens of local volunteers over 2 years and completed by the summer of 2016.

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