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Kirkpatrick Trail

(Green Dot)

0.8 mile one way from Wallace Reserve to intersection at Thomas Trail. Add 0.7 mi. from Gazebo Lake.
240' gain between Crystal Falls and Wallace Reserve
Best used: April thru October.

Kirkpatrick Trail

The Kirkpatrick Trail provides a 0.8 mile link from the Thomas Trail at Crystal Creek to the 95-acre H.B. Wallace Reserve with additional short hiking paths to the east. The trail follows the contours of Mt. Esther along its (mostly) shaded course.

Directions: park at the dirt lot on Ute Pass Ave. across from Mountain Rd. at the far east edge of Green Mountain Falls. Walk uphill on Mountain Rd. for 0.25 mile to
H.B. Wallace Reserve on the right (marked by dirt driveway with sign). The hiker has a choice of trails to connect to Kirkpatrick, the quickest is straight up Castle Rock Trail (orange dot) to the intersection with Kirkpatrick.

Complete a nice 2.3 mile loop by following Kirkpatrick Trail right, to the west. In about 1 mile cross Crystal Creek, then follow the sign to Boulder St. to the right. Continue downhill to Gazebo Lake. Follow Ute Pass Ave east to finish the loop.

History: The Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation purchased the land around this trail in 2008. The following year the Mile High Youth Corps built the trail with assistance from the Green Mountain Falls Trails Committee to connect the H.B. Wallace Reserve with the Green Mountain Falls trails system to the west. The trail is named to honor the Kirkpatrick family, long time summer residents of Green Mountain Falls.

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