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Crystal Trail

(Blue Dot)

0.9 mile one way from intersection with Kirkpatrick Trail to Ring the Peak Trail. Add .8 mi from Gazebo Lake.
1120' elev. gain between Kirkpatrick Trail and Ring the Peak Trail
Best used: May thru October. The dense forest canopy and northern aspect prevent snow melt and lead to icy conditions in winter. Caution: upper reaches above treeline are extremely prone to lightning strikes during storms!

Crystal Trail

A well shaded, switchbacked trek up the west flank of Mt Esther parallel to Crystal Creek (the hiker will not see the creek until higher up in “the Notch”). Provides access to the Crystal Reservoir located 1,400 feet above the Town. Once above treeline, follow through "the Notch" created by Crystal Creek between Mt Esther and Mt Rebecca to a dirt road that is Ring the Peak Trail. Spectacular views of Pike's Peak summit.

Directions: park near Gazebo Lake. From 4-way stop at east side of Lake walk uphill on Hotel St. which becomes Park Ave. and winds to the left. Take steep right on Boulder St. to Thomas Trailhead. Turn east (left) at junction with Kirkpatrick Trail (green dot), cross Crystal Creek and in less than 0.25 mile come to junction with Crystal Trail (blue dot) which leads uphill to the right.

History: An old "Scout Trail" (historically “Powerhouse Trail”) led almost straight uphill to the Town's original power plant which operated along the upper portions of Crystal Creek from 1911 to 1931. Redesigned with dozens of switchbacks by Dick Bratton in 2006. Scores of volunteers painstakingly built the trail over 3 years.

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