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Bratton Trail

(Blue Dot with Black “B”)

1.7 mile one way from Mt Dewey summit to Catamount Trail
485' elev gain, 500' elev loss
Best used: Almost year-round.

Bratton Trail

The south-facing trail is the first "snow free" trail during much of the winter. Accordingly, the trail is best enjoyed early morning or late afternoon in summer due to sun exposure and lack of tree cover. Bring plenty of water and sun protection! Highlights include excellent views into Belvidere Canyon and the Catamount Creek drainage as well as a nice forested climb and small aspen grove close to the Catamount Trail.

This rugged, scenic "connector trail" links the Mt Dewey summit to the east with the popular Catamount Trail to make a 4.5 mile loop from Gazebo Lake, up Mt Dewey along Bratton and back down Catamount to Gazebo Lake.

Directions: park near Town Pool. Across from Pool briefly head west on Olathe St. before turning right on Ann St. Climb left on Grandview Ave then a steep right on Catamount St. Take the second right onto Myrtle St and proceed down driveway to Mt Dewey Trailhead, following purple dots along the way. Follow Mt Dewey Trail 0.85 miles to summit, gaining 570'. Proceed west from summit to begin Bratton Trail - follow blue dot with black "B" in center, 1.7 miles to Catamount Trail.

History: Named in honor of Dick Bratton "the father of GMF's modern trails." Dick planned and designed the trail and the GMF Trails Committee laid out the trail following the 2015 land purchase by the Historic Green Mtn Falls Foundation. The trail was dedicated during the July 2017 Green Box Arts Festival. It was constructed by dozens of local volunteers with two sections built by the Mile High Youth Corps.

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