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In Memory

In memory of those who have walked with us. At times ahead of us to show us the way; At times behind us to support our path and beside us as compatriates and friends.

Dick Bratton

The guiding light of our purpose and mission flickered and dimmed in February 2021 with the passing of long time GMF resident, trails visionary and community leader Dick Bratton. Our Directors have re-committed to preserving the local hiking trails legacy to honor the memory of Dick Bratton and provide the crucial service of maintaining trails in and around GMF.

A Poem and Song for

The Friends of Ute Pass Trails


It ain’t the kind of outfit you find down in the city.

It’s a group they call the Green Mountain Falls Trail Committee.

They’re not like most committees.  They don’t sit around a table.

They work hard with picks and shovels, men and women who are able.


They build the trails that let folks experience the mountains.

They hike the hill; repair the trails, removing all obstructions.

They make Green Mountain Falls a place where hikers love to come.

And they like a beer and a burger at The Pantry when they’re done.

So here’s a great big thank you to those who work so hard,

While other folks are tending flowers or watering the yard.

These folks put out the effort and they work and heed the call,

When trails need lots of TLC, in old Green Mountain Falls.


But, a task like this needs leadership, someone who says, “We Can!”

That’s just who Dick Bratton is,



By Ted Newman

July 15, 2016

Tom Mc Cormick

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